What Benefits are there from buying a used Mitsubishi car other than affordability? There are more perks than most customers realize. Learn how a pre-owned car purchase can end up being a smart and long-term investment.

1. Avoid the Depreciation Hit

New cars lose about 20% of its value in the first year alone. From the fifth year forward, it loses an additional 10% every year. When you buy a used car, a bulk of the depreciation has already taken place. Any remaining depreciation will take place at a much lower rate.

2. Certified Pre-Owned Options

Our pre-owned inventory includes Certified Pre-Owned options. This includes models that are no more than five years old, have under 60,000 miles, and underwent a 123-point inspection. The inspection is always done by a certified Mitsubishi technician and never by a third-party mechanic.

3. Warranties

Some pre-owned vehicles may still have their original warranty that can be transferred to the new buyer at a low fee. If you purchase a CPO Mitsubishi car, then it comes with a powertrain limited warranty and an anti-corrosion perforation limited warranty.

4. Affordable Premium Trims

By purchasing a pre-owned car, you may be able to buy a model in a premium or luxury trim, or even a limited-edition model. If you were to buy the same model that’s current year, you may have to settle for the base trim with a base engine and no additional package upgrades.

5. History Report

CPO cars come with a history report. You will know the vehicle’s full history, from past collisions to ownership changes. Used cars from a private seller often doesn’t come with a history report, and you just have to take the seller’s word that it’s in good condition.

Browse our pre-owned inventory at Riverhead Mitsubishi. We may have models like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and more.