A lot of consumers begin the car-buying journey with a Google search like “car dealers near me.” What factors should you take into consideration when choosing between the dealerships in your local area?

Look Up Reviews

These days, if a company has poor service or products, customers are going to make it known in online reviews. Read reviews from past customers of nearby dealerships.

What’s the general sentiment? Look for recurring complaints, such as poor customer service, long wait times, etc. These are the dealerships you should probably avoid.

Evaluate the Facility

If you visit a dealership in person, examine the facility. Is it well-maintained? Is there a lobby? Does it provide free refreshments or complimentary Wi-Fi?

While the condition of the facility isn’t likely the most important facet, it does reflect on the dealership and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Perks

Does the dealership regularly provide limited-time purchase or lease offers? How about car servicing specials? You may want to consider a dealership that has an offer that lines up with your purchasing or leasing date.

Dealer Knowledge

If you visit the dealership, take note of the dealer’s knowledge and behavior. How quick was a dealer to approach you, or did you have to initiate the conversation? When you ask a specific question about a car feature, was the dealer able to provide a precise answer? Does the dealer repeatedly push you towards a model you’re not interested in?

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