Why is fall a good time for vehicle maintenance at a Mitsubishi service center near Commack, NY? For one, summer has just ended, and your vehicle just underwent a full season of operation under blistering hot weather. In addition, a cold winter is not far off, which can be equally taxing on a car engine, battery, etc. Learn how to keep your vehicle in shape this autumn.

Check the Lights

With fall comes fewer hours of sunlight. Inspect the headlights and have a partner inspect the brake and reverse lights. Be sure the lights are nicely illuminated. If they’re noticeably dimmer, you may have oxidized plastic headlights, which is quite common. You can get the headlights restored at an auto detailing center.

Check the Brakes

Fall is known for heavy rainfalls. This leads to more slippery roads, making it even more imperative to have properly functioning brakes. Get the brakes checked if you noticed an increase in stopping distance before the car fully halts. You also need to have the brakes inspected if you hear a high-pitched squeal or feel a vibration when engaging the brake pedal.

Check the Wipers

With more rain also comes greater use of your wipers. The most common issue with worn wipers is the rubber partially detaching from the frame. Lift the wipers and check that the rubber is still firmly attached to the frame. Next, test the wipers while discharging some wiper fluid to be sure the wipers fully clean the windshield without leaving a streak.

Make a service appointment at Riverhead Mitsubishi for a routine maintenance check. Our technicians service all Mitsubishi models, including the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and more. Fall is the season for diligent car care from a professional.